Kraft Tape 50 Meter 2 Inch

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Product Details

Premium quality Kraft Paper tape for added strength

Eco-friendly alternative to BOPP tapes

Good for food packaging and FMCG industry usage

Strong adhesive for leak-proof sealing and easy to remove

High resistance to heat and pressure exposure


Product Information

Our premium quality Kraft paper tape is a light-weight tape used for multiple purposes. The different elements of the Kraft tape make them reliable for leak-proof sealing. The custom Kraft tape provided by us is highly safe for food packaging and FMCG industry usage. These are heavily demanded by the markets. We tend to reach the packaging market with different designs of self-adhesive Kraft paper tape. Our tapes are an eco-friendly alternative to BOPP tapes. We make sure to provide easily removable Kraft packaging tape to small and big packaging businesses. The tapes are used for the packaging of transferable goods as well. We develop the tapes with high resistant power against heat and pressure exposure. The tapes can be used for many industrial and commercial purposes. Wrapping and packaging of individual items becomes easy with our Kraft tape as it is durable and easy to use. The strong adhesive nature of the tape makes it highly efficient for both industrial and domestic purposes.