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Product Details

Top-quality BOPP 40-micron grade clear tape

Fade-proof, bold ‘FRAGILE’ printed tape

Perfect for marking and sealing packages with fragile items

Strong adhesive with great grip on wood, paper, glass, fiberglass, and plastic

Fits most taping machines for automated packaging


Product Information

Our top-quality fragile tape is used for fragile items that are easily crushable and needs more caution when transported. The fragile packing tape is fade-proof with FRAGILE printed in bold. The items that are delicate can be easily handled with the fragile handle with care tape. eCommerce businesses prefer to use handles with care tape for a variety of products. For items that travel long distances and are easily breakable are safe with fragile parcel tape,Our fragile warning tape is used in some of the machines and automated packaging our fragile warning tape is used. We believe in the long-lasting safety of the products and the highly efficient services of our fragile tape. Delicate items need utmost care, so we strictly avoid cheap fragile tape as it may not be useful for heavy fragile items. The fragile safety tape used by us has a strong grip on wood, paper, glass, and plastic. The tape is highly effective on delicate and crushable products.