Cello Tape 130 Meter 1 Inch

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Product Details

Self-adhesive BOPP tape of 40-micron grade with a strong, long-lasting hold on most surfaces

Clear tape for increased functionality

Stays strong in high pressure and temperature

Optimized roll size for the vast majority of automated packing machinery.

Excellent for sealing and packaging purposes


Product Information

The clear packaging tape is self-adhesive BOPP tape. It is a heavy duty clear packaging tape with high market sales. The clear packaging tape bulk orders are given by small and big packaging businesses. The transparent packaging tape is reliable as it stays strong under high pressure and temperature. Also, in the transportation of packages, the transparent packing tape stays for longer. The tapes are highly reliable and long lasting. It is the best transparent tape as it keeps the products inside the packages safe. Our packaging tape transparent version is majorly used for automated packing machinery. The final outcome of the sealing is excellent. By using our clear packaging tape, the boxes are easily transferable from one place to the other by the packing business. The clear packing tape is in huge demand for its long lasting hold on most surfaces. It is one of the best transparent tapes with a 40 micron grade.

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