Custom Green Tape 50 Micron 2 Inch

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Product Details

Fully customizable with multicolor, fade-proof print

High-quality BOPP self-adhesive tape with a strong, durable grip on most surfaces

Multipurpose tape with long shelf-life

Suitable for the majority of automated packaging equipment

Good to use for sealing and packing for both domestic and industrial usage


Product Information

The custom printing color tape is a multicolor, fade-proof print tape. Our custom tape has high-quality BOPP, which is highly durable for all types of packaging. The personalized packing tape comes in different prints and lengths. The custom packing tapes are recyclable and environmentally friendly. They are multipurpose, custom-printed tapes with a long shelf life. Automated packaging equipment companies use custom packaging tape for both industrial and domestic usage. Along with this, the custom packing tape with a logo helps in differentiating the packaging of boxes. Packaging tape with a logo is also suitable for quick services. Our custom color tape is also widely used by packaging companies. Different colored tapes are used for different sizes and types of packaging. Each has a different design printed on it, which is used to seal the packages. Custom tape printing has a variety of different designs based on the sizes and shapes of boxes. We ensure that the customized tape for packing is highly self-adhesive tape. We ensure that the printed packing tapes go through high-quality checks for better outcomes and durability. It is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions as the customized tape for printing is strong with an excellent grip.