Brown Tape 130 Meter 3 Inch

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48 - 96

97 - 144

145 - 192

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Product Details

Premium BOPP self-adhesive brown tape with high temperature and pressure tolerance

40 microns with powerful, long-lasting adhesive and long shelf-life

Excellent grip on most surfaces including plastic, paper, fiberglass, glass, and wood

Compatible with most taping machines for automated packaging

Good for packaging and sealing for both commercial and domestic uses


Product Information

The TTP Brown Tapes, are self-adhesive home, and industrial packaging tapes designed for a wide range of applications. The price of TTP brown packaging tape is reasonable with a wide range of sizes and lengths to choose from. The extensive selection of TPP brown packaging tape ranges in a variety of lengths and tape widths. A superior biaxial-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) material provides ultimate strength to these brown packing tapes. Designed to be compatible with most taping machines, TPP brown plastic packing tape allows you to automate your packaging process easily. Also, these packaging brown tapes withstand extreme temperatures and pressures with ease. Through extensive product testing, it has been ensured that TPP products meet stringent quality standards. Standard rigorous quality checks on TTP products ensure absolute safety for you. With a powerful adhesive, TPP brown tapes can last for a very long time, so your packaging will last for as long as you need it to. Almost any kind of box can be packaged with it for everyday domestic needs of sealing, securing, and packaging.

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