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Frustration free packaging is an initiative taken by Amazon in 2008 to reduce packaging waste. When we talk about the frustration that we feel when a single product is packed so tight and wrapped up unnecessarily it makes the customer frustrated.

This instance is also called Wrap rage. And yes, it is as irritating and frustrating as it sounds. Imagine that you ordered something online then it finally reached you. But you are now stuck with the unnecessary wrapping that is not only wasteful but also ruining your lovely unboxing experience.

Now, let's look at this from the seller's perspective there is quite a high chance that the irritated customer will not order again. And even if they do. The not-so-customer-friendly way of wrapping will make customer rethink their choices.

To tackle this problem, Amazon has taken an initiative called Frustration free Packaging that comes under SIOC. we talk about SIOC in other blogs. In this blog, we will discuss Frustration-free packaging and its benefits. Then we will head into the requirements to get into this.

What does Amazon mean by frustration free packaging?

Frustration free packaging or FFP is an initiative taken by Amazon to reduce the amount of packaging waste. FFP is the standard set to make the packaging and unboxing experience better by regulating the packaging material and types.

The idea is to pack things in such a manner that it is easier to open as well as does not require additional packaging.

Which of the following are requirements from Amazon for frustration free packaging?

Requirement for Frustration free packaging

The idea of being frustration-free came from the wrap rage that people felt while unboxing their packages. Not only this, waste that unnecessary packaging creates is harmful to the environment.

FFP is more or less like a standard for packaging that Amazon has set if you want to sell your products online. The rules and regulations are simple.

In this section, we will talk about the rules and requirements that are required for Amazon FFP.

  • Easy to open

The first thing that comes to priority is the comfort and ease of opening a package. The requirement is that a person should be able to open a pack in 120 seconds.

As Amazon is aiming to reduce packaging waste, they have introduced another requirement and that is no filler material like packaging peanuts, shredded paper, plastic inserts, wire ties, sealed shells and blister packs.

  • Recyclable

When we talk about pollution and improper waste management, we will find that most of the waste that is dumped into landfills and oceans is packaging waste.

So to reduce the negative impact that packaging has on Earth, Amazon has introduced this FFP and in this program, we have this criterion that states that the packaging that we are using should be recyclable.

Not just that the packaging products that you are using should mention that they are recyclable.

A good example of this would be the Amazon courier bags which are made of 55-micron thick high-density plastic that has recyclable printed in it.

  • No overpackaging

The problem of over-packaging is more common than it sounds. When we look into the statistics, we will find that at least 600 million tonnes of packaging waste comes from Amazon only.

To address this problem, Amazon has set this requirement that no amount of excessive packaging will be allowed. This is where SIOC comes into first place. SIOC stands for Shipment In Own Container, which is a solution-based approach to the problem of excessive packaging.

  • Cost-effective

Let it be a customer or a business owner, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs as much as possible. This is especially true for small and mid-sized businesses. One of the ways to save costs is by reducing the amount of packaging waste by using smart packaging solutions.
Things like poly mailers can be used instead of traditional packaging and if you want to use add Amazon printed tape to indicate that the product is from Amazon.

  • Informative

Do you know what is the most irritating thing for shipping companies and delivery people? Packages which do not have an address or other information written on them. First of all, they need to deliver products on time.

Amazon understands this problem and has tried to find a solution to this by making it mandatory for Packers to have a set of handling instructions as well as shipment prep and transportation manuals.

  • Secure

The minimal packaging and the trying to reduce packaging waste do not mean that the privacy or safety of the package will be compromised.

This is why in SIOC, tamperproof or tamper-resistant packaging is encouraged. What do we mean by tamperproof packaging?

By tamperproof packaging, we mean that if there are attempts to hamper or tamper our packages then it will get noticed by all means or the packages should be made in such a way that it prevents them.

What are the benefits of frustration free packaging?

Till now we have discussed what FFP or Frustration free packaging means then we have talked about the requirements that your package must qualify with so that you can get certified as Frustration Free Packaging Seller.

But why would we do so? Why do we have to comply with the optional set of rules set by a company?

These are a few of the questions that must be going inside your mind. We understand it is quite a difficult task to do so but to motivate you have mentioned a few benefits for both seller and customer.

For customer

Customers are always in search of things that will make their life easier and more comfortable than before. This is where FPP can be useful to them. As this initiative was taken to make customer’s unboxing experience more convenient than before.

As the criteria like the unboxing time and recyclable components are introduced to facilitate the customer experience pre and post-delivery.

For seller

For the seller, the benefit that comes from getting FFP recognition is that they get the chance to be seen as a brand or company with a green and sustainable approach.

This in turn will increase the chance of more number of sale. As people are much more aware of the products that they are using. When they get to know your brand as #sustainable, you will not only get a good brand image but also help with improving the brand awareness around you.

Who makes boxes for Amazon?

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This is a 23-year-old firm that specializes in finding innovative packaging solutions for every business. Here, you will get premium quality boxes at the best price.

To be concise

We have reached the end of our discussion about the Frustration free packaging. At the beginning of this article, we have stated the need for FFP. Then after that, we talked about what Frustration free packaging is.

Then our discussion progressed to the requirement and benefits of FFP and Now, we are done discussing everything that we wanted to say about this.

Thank you for reading till the end.

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