What is the importance of custom packing tape with logo?

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Can you imagine a single day where we do not have tape? Nothing to help you to stick two things together. Your life will be a mess but there will be chaos in the packaging industry. If you ask someone from the packaging industry to spend a day without any kind of packaging tape. They will say that the whole packaging industry will crumble into pieces. Which is enough to explain the importance of tapes in our lives.

These days there are many types of tapes available in the market like double sided Tissue tape, Cello tape, brown tape, Nano Tape, Mounting tape Etc and one of them is Custom Packing Tape which is popularly used by big and small businesses on a regular basis. We will talk about Where is custom packing tape is used, its importance and benefits that you get from buying them for your business.

Now, when you receive a parcel from any online business. How do you get to know where it is from? From the packaging of the boxes and the tape. When we are waiting for multiple orders from various platforms and receive the multiple parcels we identify them from the packaging. It is obvious to us we see them and acknowledge its presence without much thought.

But when you look at this from the perspective of the delivery supply merchant you will realise how important custom packing tape with logo are. If you have to sort out the parcels of the same company, how will you know it? You will have to individually look at the box for information which will be a laborious and time consuming job.

Here, the custom packing tapes will come to the rescue. When a parcel is packed with the custom printing tape then it becomes easy to recognise which will save a huge amount of time from the mindless searching of a particular box.

What is custom printed tape?

A custom printed tape is just like any other tape but it has a customised print that is specifically asked by the customer. The best example of a customized tape’s usage is seen on the packages of amazon that all of us have must received. The tape that has amazon printed on it is an example of custom printed tape.

The custom packaging tape are of six types based on their material :

  • Polypropylene
  • Paper
  • PVC
  • Filament
  • Flatback
  • Hi-Tack freezer

Importance of Custom packing tape with logo

From reading the introduction you might have an idea on how important the custom packing tapes with logo are. There are many other reasons why the tape is important for a brand or a company. We will talk about each of them in this section of article down below:

  1. Personalised experience - In Marketing, impressions matter a lot. The first impression in the marketing industry defines how the customer will react to the product and brand. So, what can we do to make sure that the customer will have a positive first impression? The answer lies in the psychology of human beings. It is believed that humans tend to have more positive reactions when they relate to something on a personal level or when they feel valued.
    Here comes the idea of having a custom packing tape on your package. When a person will see a witty and funky tape on the box they will see it as a personalised thing. This is bound to happen with your target audience. When your packaging resonates within them then the chances of customers loyalty increases.
  2. Stand out from the crowd - According to statista in 2021, there will be approximately 333.34 million companies in the world. Which include very high end brands and small businesses. The numbers are intimidating for a company without a doubt more for a small business. So what can we do to stand out from the crowd?

    When you are competing against the big brand it is normal to think that we will not be able to make a dent. But there are very simple things that you can do to take your first step without spending too much. Having a custom printed tape for your company is the first step to stand out from the crowd which are still using the boring brown tape or clear cello tape.
  3. Building trust - We have seen many companies who spent a lot of advertisements to make sure that they are selling products and making revenue but when they stop advertising the sales drop dramatically. Why is that so? Well, it is because they were unable to create a bond with the customer.
    The key to a successful business venture is to create a bond with the customer. You can do simple things like writing small notes or little sample gifts. Or with the help of customised tape you will be able to make an impact on the customer on ground level.
  4. Better brand Image - it is very common to hear that brand is trying to do something so that their image will improve. But why is every company so fixated on improving the brand image? Before all that we must know the meaning of brand image. A brand image is said to be the opinion of customers about a brand. A brand image is ever changing and every brand wants to be in the good books of their targeted audience.
    One of the most sought ways to create a better brand image is by showing customers how special they are for us. It can start will the help of high quality packing so that the people understand that we are serious regarding their time and opinion plus we want to add value into their life.
  5. Additional Security - It is extremely important that the packages reach the customer without any damage and tampering. But unfortunately, many times our products are damaged, stolen or tampered by a third party which is sad and upsetting. It can happen to anyone from a small business owner to a high end brand. So what can we do to reduce the chances of theft? It is seen that the brands or companies that have customised packaging have less cases of tampering and theft.

    When we say customised packages we are not only talking about the fancy boxes but also the corrugated boxes that have a customised tape stick on it. The boxes with customised tape will also have a lower chance of being tempered as it will be easier to track the culprit.

Custom packing tape with logo manufacturer

After reading all the points regarding the importance of Custom packing tape. We all understand how a simple tape can help the brand and its relationship with the target audience. So from where we can get a premium quality tape that will not burn holes in our pockets.

To The Packaging, will help you with this with more than 20 years of experience without compromising the quality of our product. We aim to provide innovative solutions for the problems that arise in the packaging industry. At To The Packaging, we offer a wide variety of customised tapes and customized corrugated boxes of premium quality at best rate.

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