What is a VCI bag and its uses?

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Are you someone who is constantly worried about your consignment? Do you suffer a loss due to the damage done by rust and corrosion on your products? Well then, we have something for you.

If we take a look at the stats then we will see that in India, the amount of loss suffered by the people due to rust and corrosion is 5% to 7% of India’s GDP. if we calculate this then it will come to the amount of 22.260 Thousand Crore Rupees.

So what can we do to minimize the impacts of such losses? To answer that we have to dig deeper and understand the reasons behind it.

When we do so, we found out that most of these losses are caused due to the improper storage of the corrosive material and these things can be saved by the right practices of storage that will prevent rust and corrosion.

If you are someone who also suffers at the hands of corrosion then you should take a look at this innovative solution that will help you to save costs by preventing corrosion, we are talking about the VCI bag.

If you are interested in knowing what it is, its uses and how VCI works then you are at the right place.

Keep reading!

What is VCI Bag?

VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, it is a chemical that prevents corrosion and rust. In the VCI bag, we have a film of VCI chemicals inside it which helps to prevent rust from forming over the surface of the products that are prone to it.

We can use VCI bags to protect many different types of materials, some of which are Brass, Copper, Steel, Iron, cast Iron, Aluminium, Tin, Gold, Silver, solder and many other things.

What are the types of VCI bags?

Types of VCI bags

Now, that we know what exactly a VCI bag is then we will talk about the different types of VCI bags that you can find in the market.

Some of them are listed down below:

1. Ferrous VCI bag

Ferrous is the scientific name for iron and all the things that have a high composition of iron are called Ferrous material. A ferrous VCI bag is made to prevent the corrosion of iron by keeping the product inside this bag.

2. Non-ferrous VCI bag

Non-ferrous materials are those which do not have an iron composition in them or have a very negligible amount of iron present in them.

Metals like aluminium, tin, gold, silver etc are considered non-ferrous.

3. Anti-tarnish VCI bag

Tarnish is the discolouration or coating that appears on material due to exposure to sunlight and humidity or due to the continuous use of metal.

The best example would be silver, when we constantly use silver a blackish layer is seen to form over the surface of the silver.

4. Multimetal protection VCI bag

Many times we have items or products that are made from two or more different types of materials this is especially common in automobile parts and engines.

These things are especially vulnerable to corrosion and rust that’s why it is important to protect them.

What are the uses of VCI bags?

In the previous section, we got to know about different types of VCI bags. Now, we will talk about the different things that we can keep in a VCI bag.

  • Engine parts

As we know that many times in manufacturing the parts are made somewhere and then assembled in different locations. Many times the shipping and assembly process takes up time and it has a high probability to cause corrosion in the machine.

To prevent this from happening we can use the VIC wrap that will prevent the corrosion from happening.

  • Manufacturing machines

We know how uncertain things can get in the nick of time. A pandemic like Covid-19 has shown us how uncertain our lives are. In such cases, we need to make sure that our machines are safe from external problems. The huge machines are expensive and it will be a huge problem if they caught rust and stop working.

  • Nut and bolts

As small as these small nuts and bolts they are extremely important to the industries that use them. And these small metal parts are highly prone to damage and rust.

You can add nuts and bolts to the VCI bag and prevent them from getting rusty.

  • Jewellery

Jewellery are a high-value luxury product so even a single flick or little tarnish will result in unsold jewellery. Not just that when we talk about precious metals like silver that get tarnished really quickly and need constant maintenance.

If keep polishing it every time it gets tarnished then it will result in loss of silver as well as the cost of polishing is too high to begin it.

So to prevent all of this from happening, using a VCI bag will be a great and hassle-free option to begin with.

How do VCI bags work?

Now that we know what a VCI bag is, how many types of VCI bags are there and where we can use them. In this section, we talk about how this VCI bag works to understand it better.

As we have said in the above section the Full Form of VCI is Vapor Corrosive Inhibitor. This is a bag which has a film of volatile chemicals that will stick to the surface of the product and create a thin film which will isolate the item from the atmospheric elements.

As all the corrosive factors that cause rust are not in contact with the items. Our product is safe and will be that way it is wrapped up in the VCI bag.


Hello, we have reached the end of this article where we learnt about this amazing packaging solution called VCI bag. In the beginning, we got to know about the VCI bag and what it is, and then we proceeded to talk about the types of Bags.

In the later sections, we have learnt about the different uses of a VCI bag and How do these bags work.

And after this, we are here at the conclusion where we just gave you a summary of the whole thing in a few words.

Thank you for reading til the end.

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