Why should you choose Custom printed tape?

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When we think of running our own business we think of sitting in a luxurious office, sipping expensive coffee, looking at our Macbook while it might be reality for the successful big-shot companies. But when we look at the ground level or actually start our own business that’s when reality hits us like a wrecking train.

While it might sound cool to other people who just think that having your business solves all the problems. It is actually quite the opposite when you are a small business owner. Small businesses tend to suffer when it comes to competing with big companies. The big companies have huge budgets with advertising, marketing, packaging and other stuff. Their budget for each one of them might exceed the total net worth of the small businesses.

So what can we do? So that we sell more products and stay in completion. In order to get more orders we need to do a few things. Like creating brand awareness, bond building between customers, showing the customer that they are treasured, along with providing them a personalised experiment. How to achieve that? Would you believe me if I told you that all of this can be done with one thing?

I am talking about Custom Printed tape. This is a type of tape on which you can print whatever you like, customise it as you like. You can make it witty, cute, funny, smart Etc wherever that resonates according to your brand. Many people customise the tape in sync with their values, brand Image or the theme that is currently running.

Custom printed tape is actually quite useful and helps a business to create brand awareness without using too much money on a single thing. It is a boon to the businesses who want to create brand awareness without burning a hole in your pocket. Not only that, there are a lot of reasons to choose the custom packing tape to boost your business.

In this article we will talk about how a custom printed tape will help in numerous ways to run your business smoothly and why you should choose to have custom printed tape for your business.

What is the difference between packing tape and custom packing tape?

This question might be on your mind. What is the difference between them? The thing is they are not that different from each other. The real difference lies in their returns. The good old packaging tape gets the job done but the custom packing tape wins the race.

The packing tapes are used for packing, sealing, shipping, and storing the boxes and other parcels. They can be found in many colours but brown and transparent tapes are more widely used by packaging companies. They are of standard length, width and thickness, not changes can be made in this. Many companies use these as they are widely available and cost efficient.

The custom packing tape can be used for all the things that a packing tape can be used for. The customised tape is the secret tool of many profit making companies. We can make it of whatever length, width, thickness, colour or designs, however you like.

Why do you need custom printed tape for your business?

After reading the difference between the Packing tape and Custom Packing tape, you will be able to differentiate between two of them. Now you might ask if they are similar to each other than why do you need to upgrade your packing game especially when a Packaging tape will get the job done anyway.

The thing with Custom Tape is that you will find the benefits of Custom printed tape in the terms of exposure, brand awareness and other things. One of the most important things for any business is sales. We can not deny this fact. Even if you have a set of values and beliefs, you still need to do sales and make profit so that you can run your business.

But it is not an easy task to make people buy stuff even if you are selling quality products which will definitely add value to their lives. But it is even more difficult to sell if no one knows your company. How will people buy your product if no one knows the name of your company? What can we do? spend your money on advertisements?

Spending on your advertisement is a good way to bring brand awareness. But it is quite expensive without a doubt. It might be a good idea for a mid size company but for a small business we need to find ways where we can advertise without it being a burden on our budget.

That’s where Custom packaging tape will come in handy. We need a packaging tape especially when we are a product based company. We will have to secure our packages with the help of tape anyway so why don’t we try to seal the packages with the Customised printed tape with logo. When your product reaches the customer they will be aware of your company’s name and if you are providing the best quality product. There are high chances that you will get more orders.

need of custom printed tape for your business
  • Customer bonding - As we know customers tend to buy stuff from the brand and company which are familiar to them or if the customer had a personalised experience with the product. It could be a difficult task to create a personal experience without Customised tape cause when you use it there is a good chance that the person will have a good first impressions.
  • Branding - Before your packages reach the customer, they go through the hands of many people, and when it reaches your target audience it has already been seen by many people which might help you with the sales.
  • Easy to Detect - When your package is in a warehouse that has many cartons sitting around looking for a single package becomes a tremendous task. But if you have a customised tape which has your company’s logo it will make the task so much easier.
  • Trackable - If you have a lot of cartons and you need to sort them out especially when we are talking about thousands or more boxes then how are we supposed to mark them so that they are easy to track? In this case, we can get the customised tapes to seal the boxes so that they are easy to track.
  • Instructive - Marking one of the boxes with a specific message is okay but writing on several hundreds of them is not okay? What do we do to tackle this issue? You can use some customised tapes and make this task easier and quicker.
  • Reduction in cost - The cost of making a customised Printed tape is lower than making a custom corrugated box. As a result it is a pocket friendly option if you have a budget only for a single customised item. It is also space efficient as compared to the corrugated boxes.


After reading, the article to the end. We hope we were able to convey the reasons on why you should choose custom printed tape. In the beginning of the article we talked about the difference between the packaging tape and the customised tape. Then we talked about the reasons to buy the custom printed tape.

Thank you for reading til the end.

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